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There are four types of carbon steel based on the amount of carbon present in the alloy. Lower carbon steels are much softer and more easily formed, and steels with a higher carbon content are stronger but less ductile, and they become more difficult to machine and weld. Check below for the types of carbon steel BFS Metals supplies:

  • Low Carbon Steel – Composition of 0.05%-0.25% carbon and up to 0.4% manganese. Known as mild steel, it is a low-cost material that is easy to shape. While not as strong as higher-carbon steels, carburizing can increase its surface hardness.
  • Medium Carbon Steel – Composition of 0.29%-0.54% carbon, with 0.60%-1.65% manganese. Medium carbon steel is ductile and strong, with long-wearing properties.
  • High Carbon Steel – Composition of 0.55%-0.95% carbon, with 0.30%-0.90% manganese. It is very strong and holds shape memory well, making it ideal for springs and wire.
  • Very High Carbon Steel - Composition of 0.96%-2.1% carbon. It is high carbon content makes it an extremely strong material. Due to it's brittleness, this grade requires extra special handling.

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