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A unique combination of properties makes aluminum one of the most versatile engineering and construction materials around. It is light-in-mass, yet some of it's alloys have strengths that are greater than those of structural steel. It has high resistance to corrosion, under most applications. In addition, aluminum has great electrical and thermal conductivity.

Aluminum can be easily formed, and readily accepts a wide variety of surface finishes, yet in most applications it needs no protective coating. Almost any method of joining can be used on aluminum – riveting, welding, brazing or soldering. Because it is so easy to work with, it can present an affordable alternative to many cheaper grade materials. Aluminum is available as: sheet, strip, plate, bars, rounds, pipe and tubes.

A sample of these aluminum products include:

  • Frames and body components for vehicles, aircraft, ships, rail-cars and construction equipment
  • Windows, doors, siding and decorative architectural parts
  • Housings, enclosures and cabinets for electronics, electrical equipment and panels. Housings for equipment used outdoors are often manufactured using aluminum
  • Storage and pressure vessel tanks
  • Stampings and castings for engine and motor components, heat exchanger and other high wear, high heat applications

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